Let’s just start this with the vision of Team VRz,

which is to represent all the talented individuals of our hometown Varanasi, to help each other to grow, & spread the awareness of our sport.

That’s why Team VRz came up with the plan of organizing such different meetups frequently, which will help us to create a united community of talented peoples, by which all the people can spread their network and get to know about all the talented ones. So, we started our VRz Meetup series.

The very first meetup we organized was an Action Photography Meetup. The reason we chose the Photography meetup was while practicing on the ghats, lots of photographers were attracted to watch something other than the temple and cultural stuff. They love to capture this amazing mix of urban and traditional culture because of that we used to receive lots of emails and queries from the photographer for the collaboration.

So, we thought why not invite all the photographers on a day where they can capture us in action and create amazing content for their social media platforms which will be helpful for us and for our sport too. Because we wanted to aware the photographer and the content creators of our hometown about this sport i.e. MTB Freestyle and it’s vast culture. So that they create the content of this sport through this Action Photography Meetup and spread the awareness of this sport through the content to their audience on social platforms.

Because in this digital generation where one content on social media can make an impact. And, according to us, mostly photographers and content creators are the ones who can make an impact by their content on social media platforms.

And, If we talk about how this was helpful for a photographer in more depth. As an artist, it is more important to have a network with other peoples which help them to create an audience and by which they can spread their art. So, in this Action Photography Meetup where the photographers from our city are mostly into Street Photography and Fashion Photography they have got a chance to capture something other than that with the cultural essence of Varanasi and the urban sport.

If you want to know how it was then you can check out our Vlog of Action Photography Meetup.


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